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This Price List is for individuals who are looking for a job and who would like to post their résumé (Curriculum Vitae) and personal details for a period of 90 - 180 days in our Internet Pages. Individuals will be identified by their e-mail address only. If you want to create a new e-mail address try Many employers will no longer reply to hotmail or yahoo e-mail addresses.


Any inquiry by employers would be made directly to the advertiser. If replies are received by, they will be forward to the person posting the résumé.The posting on the Internet is done within 48 hours after the résumé detail has been accepted by fax or mail and the service has been paid for. All payments are on a Secure Server

The cost for posting a Résumé or Curriculum Vitae is as follows:

Individual Person posting résumé for 60 days on with links from the respective specialist page (e.g. International Construction for an international Construction Job etc.) US$ 24.90

If you would like to increase your exposure and have your resume to appear with links from and click below

Individual Person posting résumé for 60 days on jobs4work and on plus a joint jobline/jobs4work Small Job Advertisement with links from the respective specialist page (e.g. International Construction for an international Construction Job etc.) US$ 34.99

If you just want to have a short Small Job Advertisement (click here to see the format) which appear jointly linked to and, then you can order that below. It is a cost efficient way to "test the water" with potential employers

Small Jobs Search Advert for Individual Person for 60 days on a joint jobs4work/ page US$ 9.99

Active Job Searches

When you look for a job, one option is to have us undertake an active jobs search. It means that besides posting your advertisement in our pages, we will e-mail your details to employers that show an interest in your type of skills. It is not a "blanket mail shot" as offered by resume blasting.but rather a selective approach to potential employers. There is no guarantee for success, since the decision on employment is squarely with the potential employer. But it is one more window for you to be presented to potential employers in your field.

There is only a single payment. We do not charge you an automatic renewal if you wanted to renew for another month. If you want to renew, you will have to come back to us.

Do you want us to find an outstanding Job for yourself in your field of specialty? This is not an easy task, but we can help! We know the job markets and we know European, Japanese and other Overseas companies as well as the local ones that look for your type of skills! Are you looking for a Job but, really, have no time to do the search justice? The try us, we can help!

Would you like us to help you find a job? Job Hunting is time consuming and we can help you with the "footwork".
You send us your Resume or CV and a cover letter and we will submit it to employers looking for your skills! We will do this for you for one, two, three or for six month! Prices start at $89.00 for a month.

E-Mail Resume Submission for one month plus Resume Publication in Jobs4work for 90 days
E-Mail Resume Submission for two months and Publication on Jobs4work for 90 days
E-Mail Resume Submission and Publication on Jobs4work for three months
Creation of Resume and Cover Letter from your data plus E-Mail Resume Submission and publication on Jobs4work for six months
You Resume and cover letter decides whether the employer will look at your submission. To get the job is decided in the first ten seconds the employer sees your cover letter! If you do not have a good resume and cover letter, we will create a new Resume and Cover Letter for you from your data!
If you feel you have basically a good Resume and Cover Letter but would like someone to edit it, before you finally send it out
Create a Curriculum Vitae from data supplied by you (e.g. Resume plus additional data)

If you do not have a credit card and cannot pay through Paypal, you can pay the application fee by Western Union Transfer. Send us an e-mail and we will give you the address where to send the transfer to. Another alternative is sending an International Postal Money Order. Send us an e-mail and we will give you the address for this type of payment.


Once you have completed the Credit Card transaction on our secure server, you will be given an order number and the e-mail address for the submission site where you can submit your data.

Resume Submission and Professional Resume Writing

One of the most important tools to landing a good domestic or international job, besides the required education and experience, is a good, effective resume or Curriculum Vitae and a successful interview. The resume/CV is the item that will get your foot into the door and will determine whether you will get to the stage of the interview. Remember, employers can get the best educated people in the world! So competition is high. We can offer you some help for the resume creation as well as coaching and advice for the interview. The links below might also be of help.

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To find a new job is a major undertaking and, the more serious you are taking this effort, the more likely you will be successful in your quest. Remember you spend over half your life in your job, and happiness and contentment in that area is a key ingredient in a good quality of life!

Good Luck! and


Job Search through NETWORKING has become an essential means to get to employers and recruitment consultants. There are not many better ways than being introduced by someone you trust and someone who, you feel, could represent your abilities in a far and impartial way. But there are certain unwritten rules about networking and there are limits to its use. We explain some of them on these pages.

Similar rules apply to the use of executive search consultants. Learn about how they work and where they can be helpful. See where they will meet your expectations and where their use has limits!

Smart Job Guides are a useful tool for all sorts of Job Search Problems. They are well worth their money! Click on the small advertisement to get to their site!

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